Mission Statement

Backing the Line’s mission to the First Responder~

* To maintain a “ministry of presence” through unconditional/non-judgmental acceptance and support.
* To be available and willing to enter their ‘battle field,’ for those seeking a spiritual voice in a time of need, regardless of religious orientation.
* To provide spiritual and psychological first aid following critical incidents.
* To listen and willingly lean into the painful places during difficult times.
* To function as a social worker, confidant, pastor, counselor, bridge-builder, whichever is needed at the time to assist with solving “life’s challenges.”
* To pray for, and with, first responders, their families, and others’ stated needs, recognizing prayer as integral to Chaplain efficacy.
* To make training available in the areas of critical incident stress management, resiliency, peer support, marriage/family/relationship health, and spiritual disciplines.
* To be a valuable contributor to the wellness triad of Peer Support, Chaplain, and Mental Health Clinician.
* To develop ministry partners, while creating visible support, in order to demonstrate public appreciation for first responders.